Customer Service

We are in business to service customer needs, and we want to know what our customers want. We promise to truly listen to our customers so that we can provide the kind of customer service that you would expect from a global manufacturer of mattress sets. You are important and appreciated, and your individual concern is a high priority to us. We value all of our customers and will work to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. We stand behind every product we build and find it important that you receive service when needed. We offer Express Warranty Service for customers who are unable to gain assistance with their warranty when communicating with their local retailer.

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Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing your new Matnaflex mattress. Registering your bed is simple and the steps are fully explained on the product registration page. We value every customer and would appreciate you talking a few minutes to give us the information needed to register your product with us.

Warranty Information

Matnaflex mattress brands provide people a more restful and healthful sleep. Accordingly, we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Our various matnaflex brands and models are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials – check warranty details specific to each sleep system you purchase. We recommend registering your product online to make processing a warranty claim you may have in the future easier.

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